The Writing on the Wall

Look at me on my soapbox! No, but seriously, I made this for a video editing class, and because I’m not one to shout out my religious beliefs to everyone, let me explain why I would have made such a exclamation. We had one girl in the class that wanted us to know, that “GOD WAS AWESOME!” So week in week out, when it came time to show videos, she had another about the glory of God helping her through her fatty high school days. So for the final, I made this just to add a little spice into our weekly video presentations. Funny part was, she showed hers right after me, which was another one of her running off camera to a blurry white figure. So all in all, I felt pretty good about making fun of a poor girls religion, because religion is funny, and if we can’t laugh at such a nonsense idea such as religion, then we don’t have much hope to do anything good.

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