15 10, 2011

Light Doodler at Art Outside 2011

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We were accepted into Art Outside 2011 with Light Doodler, a bit of a deviation off of LZR with the predominant aspect being user interaction instead of a light show. It turned out working better than expected, we set the wall up and walked away and every time we would walk back we would see another group of people doing something different, everyone experienced it their own way, and it was so much more fulfilling to offer something like that to the festival. Thanks again to all who participated and joined us that weekend, it remains one of my favorite festivals of the year.

1 11, 2010

The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

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"What was this?" -Jon Stewart I think it[The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear] was one of those great cases of an event where you have literally thousands of people experiencing the same thing at the same time, and everyone will have their own perspective and experience of the event.  You could tell as the day started and progressed, no one in the crowd knew what to expect, or what would happen.  We were standing here. I had an amazing day, I thought it was a brilliant rally and was just a lot of fun to be at, you really had no idea who was going to come on stage next.  That was until Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow came out to kill some time, which worked well in favor of the Rally goers, during our bored look-around during those performances, we were able to see what had become the final [...]

20 04, 2010

Millenium Disc Golf World Am Doubles Video

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I assisted in the filming and editing of this video with Patrick Morrison and Zac Witte of 4320 Productions.  We camped out with the Millenium Disc Golf Crew for the weekend, and spent some time with some serious disc golfers.  I found the song on thesixtyone.com, it's King Tut's They're All Just Happening

1 03, 2010

Hello Hawk Music Video

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Software Used Adobe Premiere Equipment Flip Video My friends in Hello Hawk asked for a music video. I had personally gone through a break up, and I felt it would be a fun way to show what happened and do this whole short story about my side of things and whatever else. But I changed my mind, and decided to completely forgive/forget/accept the whole memory and make something else to take my mind of it entirely, realized thinking longer about that would just recycle the same terrible thoughts, so I did something completely different. In any case, it was kind of my own way of moving on, because dwelling is always useless. So I utilized some footage a friend gave me who advised me to "do what I will with it", and I did.  Thanks again Craig, for the hour of dance footage you gave me.

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