Never use Godaddy and WordPress, but if you do you can try this to fix your speed issues

I’m writing this as a simple reminder to all people who operate wordpress sites. If you want to run your own copy of wordpress on your own server, do not use godaddy as your server provider.

Now that I’ve had two clients have come back to me regarding performance issues, I must write this in hope to remind others as well as myself to choose a reliable hosting option, and also to offer this solution if you find yourself stuck with godaddy.

Godaddy has introduced a new hosting solution titled 4GH. And if you have your hosting from before sometime this year, chances are you aren’t using it. Now godaddy plans on moving it’s customers to this new platform, but you can do it yourself if they haven’t found time for you.

  1. Log into your godaddy account
  2. Under Products > Web Hosting click on the domain you’d like to update.
  3. Click on Edit Account Details tab and change your plan to one of the 4GH options(I go with linux)
  4. Close and your done

This should hopefully help your performance issues, and if it doesn’t, then it’s time to move to a new host.