22 09, 2009

LAbor Day @15Rose

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I managed to shoot a bit of random footage throughout the day/night, and did remember to record at least one song all the way through, allowing me to make a music video of the event!  Reminded me of the lake video, and makes me think I should make more music videos of party footage, they're might be a niche market for that somewhere. and this is for you jimmy: https://scohoe.com/audio/LAbor1.mp3 LaBor Day Long Set https://scohoe.com/audio/LAborDay002.mp3 LAbor Day Short Set

14 06, 2007

A Week at the Lake

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A few years back a few friends and I made a trip out to our lake house in Lake Livingston, TX. It was a pretty great week, and one of the last times that entire group has been together, a truly special collection of moments. So to glorify a week of drinking by the lake, I created this music video out of some footage we randomly shot all week. If it's confuses to you, sorry, I made it for my mates that were there, so they probably have a better idea what's going on.

1 07, 2006

The Writing on the Wall

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Look at me on my soapbox! No, but seriously, I made this for a video editing class, and because I'm not one to shout out my religious beliefs to everyone, let me explain why I would have made such a exclamation. We had one girl in the class that wanted us to know, that "GOD WAS AWESOME!" So week in week out, when it came time to show videos, she had another about the glory of God helping her through her fatty high school days. So for the final, I made this just to add a little spice into our weekly video presentations. Funny part was, she showed hers right after me, which was another one of her running off camera to a blurry white figure. So all in all, I felt pretty good about making fun of a poor girls religion, because religion is funny, and if we can't laugh [...]

5 05, 2005

The Passion Reloaded

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A short fan made trailer by me, Chris & Kurt, for a CGT class specializing in video compositing.  Chris did the 3d work, we all shot/edited/composited the final sequence, and I am jesus.  All and all, it was the most satisfying working experience I've ever been a part of, for some reason the three of us just clicked, and everything worked seamlessly together.  During the final hours we were running between two computers, one dedicated to editing and the other dedicated to the SFX, and finished up a few hours before it was due.

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