15RoseAve.com is feeling better now


Some minor visual fixes and suddenly a site can turn feel so much better.  I finally got back to cleaning up the visual flaws that were bothering me on 15roseave.com, and added some new functionality as well.

Re-worked the header,

Picture 35

added a global translation plug-in,translated

polished the social sidebar and now it includes the recent tweets,
Picture 37

Made the reservation button a fixed tab, and easy to understand,
Picture 36

and did a complete overall to the Rooms & Rates page, as well as the room pages themselves.


Picture 11

The wall is getting some action,


and I was finally able to write a few posts for the experiences.


And using the wonderful Twitter Tools plugin I have a tweet digest reporting all the tweets of the day, which is actually quite useful as I’m using the 15 rose twitter to RT any and all awesome things happening in the Venice/Santa Monica Area, so follow us if that’s your thing.

Head over and check out 15roseave.com sometime, let me know what you think.  And if your looking for a place to stay in California, well, you know where you can go…

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