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SINOLYNX logo design

I was contracted to make a logo for a new company focused in international trade with China.  The founders formed the name SinoLynx, LLC and asked me to come up with whatever came to mind.  Here are the four original choices I sent them. There was a unanimous choice for 3, with the small revision

Moving On and Out and Starting Something Somewhere Else

And 2009 is finally over, was it a weird year for you too? With the welcoming of 2010, I have left my positions at Impulse One & 15 Rose, and have moved to Austin, TX.  A better opportunity had presented itself to me in the time of searching, and I couldn’t resist, in fact, an

My New Cards, And How You Can DO IT YOURSELF!

When I ordered my latest pair of Pirate Sandals, Kevin threw in a few CardHippie business cards as well, and I thought it was an awesome idea when I saw it, after a little more searching, I found this helpful DIY thanks to Eco Etsy.  So I went about the following steps sand now have is feeling better now

Some minor visual fixes and suddenly a site can turn feel so much better.  I finally got back to cleaning up the visual flaws that were bothering me on, and added some new functionality as well. Re-worked the header, added a global translation plug-in, polished the social sidebar and now it includes the recent

15 Rose Logo Re-Visited

A small touch up, made the ‘1’ more like a ‘1’, fattened some of the limbs, and took away the “ave” in place of a rose.  The change came about when making the clients business card, and he asked if I could change the logo and make the ‘1’ look more like a ‘1’…

15 Rose Logo Featured

Reading reddit this morning caused me to click on the follow up to an article I had commented on a week or so ago from the graphic design blog about Logos with Hidden Messages.  Then while reading the sequel, “30 more Hidden Logos” I noticed my 15 Rose Ave logo made the list.

15 Rose Logo Design

I was asked to work on the design for 15 Rose Ave, a traveller’s house in Venice, CA. Here’s what I came up with. I really wanted to get the whole thing to be one smooth, organic piece, while joining the ‘5’ and the ‘R’ together.  I feel like it all kind of moves in

15 Rose Site Build

Finished up designing and building, the official site of a small family-owned hostel/hotel in Venice, CA. I designed the logo as well the entire site layout, and used creative commons pictures from flickr for the background collage. The site is built on thematic and wordpress.

Little Big Planet & HeadShot

I’m currently working on a level for Little Big Planet centered around HeadShot Energy Shot.  You grab a bottle and fly through the air, it’s fun stuff but still needs just a few more tweaks to fix the obvious problems.  I’m going to try to update some of the pictures too, but it should be