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Under Snow

It snowed a bit this winter, it’s fun to live in this postcard scenery.

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Spring outdoors

Getting the usual collection of the spring time, bugs, flowers, and anything else that may be found outside enjoying the sun. Trying out a picasa plugin, which for some reason takes my videos from...

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Capital of Texas Zoo

Bought an eversave coupon(groupon clone) for the Capital of Texas Zoo. From the satellite view on the maps it looked like it was in someone’s backyard, driving out to it felt even more like...

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Xavier Rudd Print

Mel won a meet and greet with Xavier Rudd, really nice guy. I managed to shoot this with my phone while we were all standing around, and Mel posted it to Rudd’s wall and...


Pictures of the Outside Areas

Being that it’s December and the weather is great somehow, I’ve been able to get a few pictures outside, mostly just in the yard or at the park.

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The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

“What was this?” -Jon Stewart I think it[The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear] was one of those great cases of an event where you have literally thousands of people experiencing the same thing...