15 Rose Logo Featured

Reading reddit this morning caused me to click on the follow up to an article I had commented on a week or so ago from the graphic design blog about Logos with Hidden Messages.  Then while reading the sequel, “30 more Hidden Logos” I noticed my 15 Rose Ave logo made the list.

15 Rose Logo Design

I was asked to work on the design for 15 Rose Ave, a traveller’s house in Venice, CA. Here’s what I came up with. I really wanted to get the whole thing to be one smooth, organic piece, while joining the ‘5’ and the ‘R’ together.  I feel like it all kind of moves in

15 Rose Site Build

Finished up designing and building 15rose.com, the official site of a small family-owned hostel/hotel in Venice, CA. I designed the logo as well the entire site layout, and used creative commons pictures from flickr for the background collage. The site is built on thematic and wordpress.

Chihuly at the Desert Botanical Gardens

Dave Chihuly is an amazing glass artist, please click through to this website to see just how amazing his work really is. We were at a showcase of his work at the Desert Botanical Gardens, and I snapped a few pics, as someone on the forums said, he did all the hard work of making

Sedona, AZ

Hiked around Sedona for the weekend, here are a few shots from that adventure.

Little Big Planet & HeadShot

I’m currently working on a level for Little Big Planet centered around HeadShot Energy Shot.  You grab a bottle and fly through the air, it’s fun stuff but still needs just a few more tweaks to fix the obvious problems.  I’m going to try to update some of the pictures too, but it should be

End The Fed – Phoenix, AZ

End the Fed On November 22, 2008 tens of thousands of Americans rallied for Sound Money.  We were some of those of Americans…

NACS 2008 Trade Show Entertainment

I was responsible for the booth entertainment this year, and so I DJ’ed the booth all three days and kept the vibe cool, collected and welcoming. We had one other booth complain about the noise, and several booths compliment on it, someone even asked for a CD, which was pretty cool. Didn’t get a chance

An Introduction to Red Devil

I put together this short introductory video for Red Devil Energy Drink for the 2007 NACS show in Atlanta.  Featuring the up beats of RJD2, I was able to create a personality for the Devil, and keep the high energy for all of our worldwide sponsor clips.

Lady Joe Flyer Design

Photoshop Sketchpad I made this flyer for a Lady Jo show in New York. Sketched the title and characters and scanned them into photoshop.