Millenium Disc Golf World Am Doubles Video

I assisted in the filming and editing of this video with Patrick Morrison and Zac Witte of 4320 Productions.  We camped out with the Millenium Disc Golf Crew for the weekend, and spent some time with some serious disc golfers.  I found the song on, it’s King Tut’s They’re All Just Happening

Hello Hawk Music Video

Software Used Adobe Premiere Equipment Flip Video My friends in Hello Hawk asked for a music video. I had personally gone through a break up, and I felt it would be a fun way to show what happened and do this whole short story about my side of things and whatever else. But I changed

Moving On and Out and Starting Something Somewhere Else

And 2009 is finally over, was it a weird year for you too? With the welcoming of 2010, I have left my positions at Impulse One & 15 Rose, and have moved to Austin, TX.  A better opportunity had presented itself to me in the time of searching, and I couldn’t resist, in fact, an

Venice Skate Park Opening Day

Dogtown now has a new park, opening day was a madhouse, but it was awesome to see how much this place meant to all the skaters in the area, they really respected the place and each other. It’s comforting to see how well people thrive when placed in an environment where they can be themselves,

LAbor Day @15Rose

I managed to shoot a bit of random footage throughout the day/night, and did remember to record at least one song all the way through, allowing me to make a music video of the event!  Reminded me of the lake video, and makes me think I should make more music videos of party footage, they’re

A Few Art Wall Panoramas

One of the things that I consistently enjoy about living here in Venice is the art that is living around me. And one of the most dynamic and evolving pieces is the Venice Art Walls. These are a few panoramas I’ve put together, and I really liked how they turned out, photomerge in photoshop can

My New Cards, And How You Can DO IT YOURSELF!

When I ordered my latest pair of Pirate Sandals, Kevin threw in a few CardHippie business cards as well, and I thought it was an awesome idea when I saw it, after a little more searching, I found this helpful DIY thanks to Eco Etsy.  So I went about the following steps sand now have is feeling better now

Some minor visual fixes and suddenly a site can turn feel so much better.  I finally got back to cleaning up the visual flaws that were bothering me on, and added some new functionality as well. Re-worked the header, added a global translation plug-in, polished the social sidebar and now it includes the recent

15 Rose Logo Re-Visited

A small touch up, made the ‘1’ more like a ‘1’, fattened some of the limbs, and took away the “ave” in place of a rose.  The change came about when making the clients business card, and he asked if I could change the logo and make the ‘1’ look more like a ‘1’…