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Moving On and Out and Starting Something Somewhere Else

And 2009 is finally over, was it a weird year for you too? With the welcoming of 2010, I have left my positions at Impulse One & 15 Rose, and have moved to Austin, TX.  A better opportunity had presented itself to me in the time of searching, and I couldn’t resist, in fact, an

A Few Art Wall Panoramas

One of the things that I consistently enjoy about living here in Venice is the art that is living around me. And one of the most dynamic and evolving pieces is the Venice Art Walls. These are a few panoramas I’ve put together, and I really liked how they turned out, photomerge in photoshop can

My New Cards, And How You Can DO IT YOURSELF!

When I ordered my latest pair of Pirate Sandals, Kevin threw in a few CardHippie business cards as well, and I thought it was an awesome idea when I saw it, after a little more searching, I found this helpful DIY thanks to Eco Etsy.  So I went about the following steps sand now have

15 Rose Logo Featured

Reading reddit this morning caused me to click on the follow up to an article I had commented on a week or so ago from the graphic design blog about Logos with Hidden Messages.  Then while reading the sequel, “30 more Hidden Logos” I noticed my 15 Rose Ave logo made the list.

Chihuly at the Desert Botanical Gardens

Dave Chihuly is an amazing glass artist, please click through to this website to see just how amazing his work really is. We were at a showcase of his work at the Desert Botanical Gardens, and I snapped a few pics, as someone on the forums said, he did all the hard work of making

End The Fed – Phoenix, AZ

End the Fed On November 22, 2008 tens of thousands of Americans rallied for Sound Money.  We were some of those of Americans…

A Week at the Lake

A few years back a few friends and I made a trip out to our lake house in Lake Livingston, TX. It was a pretty great week, and one of the last times that entire group has been together, a truly special collection of moments. So to glorify a week of drinking by the lake, Launch Party

Our project,, just had it’s own launch party. We set up everything, got a stage, bands, power, sponsors, made shirts, painted a van with chalkboard paint, and guerilla marketed all over campus with a couple buckets of sidewalk chalk. A great turn out considering we didn’t know who would show.