My own wedding video 0

My own wedding video

My wife shot most of the day, with some help from the family from time to time, edited the whole thing together to one of our favorite songs.

scohoe store 0

Opening up the store

Decided to open up, you can get canvas and traditional prints of some of my photography, please let me know if you have a shot you want printed and it can easily be...

sergeantgreenleaf-com 0

Sergeant Green Leaf Site Build

Latest build was for Sergeant Green Leaf Wellness Center, a medical and recreational marijuana center in Georgetown, CO. The site features a fully functioning store running on woocommerce, the store provides an excellent way...

RF Imports (20140507) 0

RF Imports Site Build

Site build was for RF Imports, a small independent business located in Dallas.  I designed and built the site. Site is a fully featured store running on woocommerce, they chose to utilize the store... 0

Shelton Interactive Site Build

Latest build was for This site featured a responsive design, custom blog pages, modular forms contained in lighboxes, and form hidden in the header that slides down on activation.

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Under Snow

It snowed a bit this winter, it’s fun to live in this postcard scenery.

Give Save Spend with the Three Little Pigs | Pigs & Bricks (20140507) 0

Shelton Interactive E-Commerce Site Build

Latest build was for  I designed and built the site. The site features a full store which is run on woocommerce, and braintree integration is used for credit card processing. Features also included...